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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection!!
The youth today is plagued by the evil of addiction that led them to life-compromising situations involving felonies and crime. Punjab for one has been a hub for individuals falling prey to substance abuse.
With a thought to help young souls connect with life and not addiction, Aasra Drug Rehab Centre, Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab was built. Our treatment is a complete package of comprehensive and holistic therapies and programs. Our amicable rehabilitation team comprises professional psychiatrists, counselors, and trainers who understand our patients, their addictions and aid their detoxification on the basis of evidence and report-based study.

A paradigm shift from addiction to sobriety is not easy and done overnight. At AASRA, our patients are treated like family. We try to build an environment with utmost care and support to aid the speedy recovery of patients. The primary steps towards cleaning are detoxification and creating a sense of awareness and acquaintance in our patients towards their particular substance of abuse. The process of healing and overcoming an addiction to alcohol and drugs includes Yoga, Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment, and Counselling.
25 million suffer from addiction. 1 out of 10 reaches out for help. Save yourself from Your addiction, Choose the right facility for help. Contact AASRA DRUG REHAB CENTER if you or your loved ones show any signs of addiction or substance abuse.
Make AASRA your confidante to get rid of addiction and to gain your mental peace as well as confidence back.

Let’s make India, Drug-Free together!

Treatment Details

  • Alcoholism Treatment
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Nasha Mukti Kendra
  • Rehabilitation Centre

Facility Details

  • Detoxification
  • Family Programme

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Location Punjab

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