List of Women Rehab Centre in India

Gender-specific rehab centres are beneficial for women who prefer and are more comfortable concentrating on their recovery journey while they are surrounded by people of similar gender. According to the reports, women-only rehab speaks better effectiveness in acknowledging addiction problems in women and hence, shows greater results in helping such female patients in decreasing and treating drug and alcohol abuse. This is one of the biggest reasons why Rehab Helpline helps you find women's rehab centre in India because we understand the issues pertaining to women’s addiction and intend to extend a helping hand to the struggling women through our portal in order to ensure that they spend a better and healthier life.

Differentiations affecting women with addiction

Even though an addiction problem may happen just to anyone, women usually differentiate from men, both psychologically and physiologically, in the journey toward their treatment, such as:

  • Shame and denial – for society, women are caregivers and hence, their acceptance as an addict is usually more difficult for people.
  • Need for the community – women being less solitary as compared to men, they are much more communal in their approach to recovery.
  • Addiction progression – women generally have better metabolism which leads to faster development of an addiction.

Considering the issues that women go through in their journey, it becomes important to provide them the right help in time and thus, Rehab Helpline helps you find a women's rehab centre in India.

Benefits of a women's rehab centre

Women are more needful comparatively because of the added differentiations, Rehab Helpline helps you find women's rehab centre in India and also, aims at increasing the success of rehabilitation programs for women. We have highlighted below some of the benefits of the same:

  • Safety and Security

According to Rehab Helpline analysis and experience, women usually suffer from addictions as a result of some past sexual abuse and violence and to confess to these issues is the biggest hurdle. In women's rehabs, women feel much safer and talk about these problems which allows them to get root treatment for their addictions. This makes the existence of women's rehab important and helps them in responding better to the treatment.

  • Provides a nurturing environment

A nurturing environment is important for women to feel safe and hence, Rehab Helpline helps you find women's rehab centre in India which ensures that these affected women support each other in the process of the treatment program. This helps in positive community building which is also a key to relapse prevention.

  • Unique therapies for issues women face

The main motive when Rehab Helpline helps you find women's rehab centre in India is the prevention of the thought that when women enter rehab they feel guilty about abandoning their responsibilities and families. They face other issues such as eating disorders and low self-esteem and confidence. Women in rehab are specialized in understanding such issues as they are well equipped to address these emotions and focus on helping them overcome their addictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does women rehab provide a multidisciplinary approach?

Women rehab provides a multidisciplinary approach towards women that includes treatment such as individual and group counseling, holistic treatment options, therapies like cognitive behavioral theory, dual diagnosis treatment and all other aftercare services specially crafted for women.

  1. What makes women's rehab more accepting for women

Women rehabs are comparatively much more welcoming to different women communities such as LGBT as compared to other treatment centers. The environment at these rehabs are free from any sort of judgment which makes it easier for them to open up about their issues and heal their problem from the core.

  1. What makes women's rehab different from other rehabs?

Since the quality of treatment provided by these women's rehab centres is more focused on building a women’s self-esteem and increasing their self-confidence, this allows them in achieving long-term recovery. This is done by providing them with emotional safety and security for their recovery.

  1. Can women's rehab help in treating other psychological disorders pertaining to women?

Most of these women's rehabs provide dual diagnosis treatment which helps in healing other mental disorders caused due to the addiction alongside the addiction itself.

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